According to Marilyn Monroe, “A smile is the best make up any girl can wear”, making it pretty damn important. Up until a few weeks ago I had an average smile, it’s still average however it’s slightly above average since getting the most amazing teeth whitening treatment at Apa Aesthetic Clinic with Dr. Beverly! I was never confident enough to smile because I genuinely hated the sight of my teeth – whilst i’m still considering getting veneers done due to not being happy with the overall size of my teeth, i’m overjoyed by the results I got in just one session. We’ll be posting an entire vlog of our experience on #PintsizedFashTV soon, therefore make sure you’re subscribed and don’t miss out on it!

Before going in for a whitening session Alizey and I decided to stop by the clinic and get mock ups applied for veneers prior to making a permanent decision. Veneers at Apa Aesthetic’s can last up to 20 years, average ones can last up to 10 and it’s not a cheap investment either in comparison to a boob job which is a few thousand dollars. Good veneer’s can range from $60,000-$80,000 (USD). Check out what we got up to during the day in our vlog below!