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I’ve always wanted the perfect sculpted jawline and now I finally have exactly what I was looking for. I shot this video just after my first session, I’ll be uploading images of my jawline after 4 sessions of radio frequency soon to show off the difference! Ideally one needs to have at least 4 sessions to notice a difference and so far i’m pretty pleased with how tight my skin has become. I’ve lost 7KG since the filming of this video which has also contributed to the new overall shape of my face – that’s just down to lots of cardio, light weight training and healthy eating (I can’t believe I’ve actually cut out crisps from my diet, I used to live on Walkers). What do you guys think? I’m super happy with the results and definitely plan on continuing the sessions to see more improvements.

According to Marilyn Monroe, “A smile is the best make up any girl can wear”, making it pretty damn important. Up until a few weeks ago I had an average smile, it’s still average however it’s slightly above average since getting the most amazing teeth whitening treatment at Apa Aesthetic Clinic with Dr. Beverly! I was never confident enough to smile because I genuinely hated the sight of my teeth – whilst i’m still considering getting veneers done due to not being happy with the overall size of my teeth, i’m overjoyed by the results I got in just one session. We’ll be posting an entire vlog of our experience on #PintsizedFashTV soon, therefore make sure you’re subscribed and don’t miss out on it!

Before going in for a whitening session Alizey and I decided to stop by the clinic and get mock ups applied for veneers prior to making a permanent decision. Veneers at Apa Aesthetic’s can last up to 20 years, average ones can last up to 10 and it’s not a cheap investment either in comparison to a boob job which is a few thousand dollars. Good veneer’s can range from $60,000-$80,000 (USD). Check out what we got up to during the day in our vlog below!

IMG_7335We’ve even started to dabble into the world of beauty and will be introducing you all to our favourite products and treatments as well as divulgingĀ personalĀ tips and tricks.

As requested in several of my previous YouTube videos, here’s a dedicated video on how I do my hair at home, only if going to the salon is not an option – I will always choose going to the salon over doing my own hair because Snob is amazing and I usually don’t have the patience to blow dry and style my curly hair – it’s disastrous.