Christian Louboutin “Highness” Review

As you may already know, I love Christian Louboutin and I particularly love to purchase classics because they’re pieces I can work into my wardrobe and are considered “investment pieces”. I recently purchased these beautiful Christian Louboutin “Highness” heels after wanting them for ages, they were sold out almost everywhere, I had to get my personal shopper on the job! Surprisingly regardless of the shoe being the exact same design, the skin of the shoe makes a huge impact on the level of comfort which I found out after a couple wears – Check out my full review below as well as links to where you can purchase Christian Louboutin from.


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  1. Anon
    17th July 2016 / 17:06

    What would you say are the best Louboutin’s to purchase? (e.g. classic, for a first pair, etc.).

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