BEAUTY: How to sculpt your jawline

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I’ve always wanted the perfect sculpted jawline and now I finally have exactly what I was looking for. I shot this video just after my first session, I’ll be uploading images of my jawline after 4 sessions of radio frequency soon to show off the difference! Ideally one needs to have at least 4 sessions to notice a difference and so far i’m pretty pleased with how tight my skin has become. I’ve lost 7KG since the filming of this video which has also contributed to the new overall shape of my face – that’s just down to lots of cardio, light weight training and healthy eating (I can’t believe I’ve actually cut out crisps from my diet, I used to live on Walkers). What do you guys think? I’m super happy with the results and definitely plan on continuing the sessions to see more improvements.


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  1. Sam
    15th June 2016 / 19:09

    Hi lailli, just wanted to get more update from you, have you had any more sessions of RF done and if so, have you noticed any significant changes to your jawline and face. You look amazing in your recent pictures but then again you always do 🙂 please let me know as I have booked in my first session next week in London and so excited. Hope all is well and your having a lovely Ramadan x

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